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>> and now "bbc world news." >> celebrations in north korea as the leader's youngest son and a transfer the power looks to getting under its way. breaking with the past. britain's leader said the iraq war never should have happened. >> i think we were wrong to go to war. >> america has drown a line and so much we. >> welcome to bbc news. the former prime minister of iceland is to go under investigation for his role in
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had the crisis. >> it appears a transition of power may take place in korea. king jong-un was made deputy chairman of the national defense committee. >> it's russia at the main rail station. handleds of delegates heading for the party convention. many were on the empty boulevards. party propaganda speaks about a
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happier tomorrow, and >> national unity. that's what all this is about. trying to stabilize north korea's economics. state television announced the rise of the dynasties. his main qualification for being heir apparent. his aunt has been made general even more family control over the country. her husband is thought to be the real power behind the thrown.
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governing north korea is a family business. it started by kim ilsong. his son. kim jong-il took over and is still in power. called the deer leader and now his song will take them into the third decade. he's known as the brilliant comrade. it's grim, poverty filled. it can be a slow change the no the government tolerates night markets where people can sell the things they bruce in unlit streets. police used to stop this kind of thing. now they let it happen. >> the way north korea operates,
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there will be a stable transition and will take a longer period of time rather than 1 or 2 years. >> there's o one immensly play. china. they want north korea to reform itself but they don't think that the military are capable of doing that. >> so in that closed mysterious country, the emergence of the dear leader, could mean change is on its way for the family business. >> a great editor kim jong-ils
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son is in power. >> it's still a crime to discuss the family in public. yet here we are in the space of two days. this unknown political novice is given the rank of a 4-star general will and told elected to two very senior workers party positions. it's confirmation. it will certain be seen that he's his father's closen successor. >> but we still don't know much about him. >> north korean's will know nothing. he's thought to have spent a number of years in an international school in switzerland. that will make him a more internationally-leader.
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he's a blank slate and that gives you a sense of the real difficulties. there's no mechanism for handing over power. this man has been seemingly plucked from nowhere and put in charge of a state with serious nuclear ambitions. >> on related news. south korea's ministry announced they will hold talks for the first time in two years. the ministry says the meeting will make place between the two countries. >> western intelligence agents say they have uncovered a plot to carry out commando-style raids in britain and germany.
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the tower was evacuated. and they're not expecting an imment wave of arrests. our security correspondent gave us the details. >> intelligence agencies have been tracking the most al-qaeda attacks. the jihadist would murder them in britain. france and germany. the idea is thought to moved from the aspirational stage to actual planning. they have been hoping to keep their knowledge out of the public spotlight. initial details were leaked to the u.s. press. here the national level remains
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at severe. meaning a terrorist attack is unlikely. >> it followed the death of a governor in a suicide attack. james roberts reports. >> the suicide bomer was riding a rickshaw. two civilians were also killed and eight other people were seriously injured. afgh afghan government officials are often attacked. this has driven the president to tears. in a highly-emotional address.
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they felt they would abandon the country to escape. the president thought his own son was flee and become a foreigner. for the sake of god, please stop fighting. as tears filled his eyes. [foreign language speaking] >> this very public break down shows the politic suffers from depression. but has been called inflamed. as the united states and other nations increasingly hand the responsibility to their only a began forces. james roberts, bbc news. >> the leader who said it was
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wrong to take the british to the iraq war. here's our editor. nick robbins. >> is this man your next prime minister? will he lead labor back to power? to have any chance. mi miliband. david, i have known what as extraordinary person you are. and now you have again shown to everybody else with the graciousness. what an extraordinary person you are. thank you >> david miliband expected to make this speech. watch and listen.
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the woman gordon brown called a successor. >> i do believe we were wrong to take britain to worry and we need to be honest about that >> watching stony faced, three leaders who voted for the war. including brother david. he appears to ask, you voted for you. why are you clapping? i am clapping because you know i'm supporting him. >> we did not build alliances and underminded the united nations. america has drawn a line on iraq and so should we. >> a new generation has taken control and together.
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we will change britain. thank you very much. >> he got that make that speech for having the ruthlessness to take on his own big brother. today, he's proved ruthless enough. whether it's iraq the failure to regulate the banks or mass immigration. to claim he's the leader the new generation. the leader praised his brother. probably will have left front line politics by this time tomorrow. >> i thought his qualities came through well. >> your view about your future >> does it change your view about your future? >> no. nothing to do with me. this is ed's day. nothing to do with me today >> so is now his. next challenge, the country. nate robbins. bbc news.
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manchester. >> this is bbc news. why this could revolutionize heart surgery >> now, the labor party. by ed miliband's decision to invade iraq was wrong. jamess landel reports. >> is this a man leaving front line politics? david mili band left britain today. once again spilled out into the open. harry alone applauded. so what did ed miliband think
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about his brother's anger? >> he thought my speech got the right note in terms of unity in a party. you will have to ask him obviously. >> not a bad iraq. didn't agree with you on iraq? >> different people have different views on these issues in our party. i'm leaving this party in a way to win back trust from people. >> this evening. labor's deputy leader out touring the conference was unrepentant. >> i can't remember exactly what he said to me. anyway, he was at the end of section as well >> why is this unworkable for david to say, he has to avoid these policies. >> not at all. >> as a favor at the end of section. >> it's true. i think hairiot voted for it.
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>> tonight, david mi li band and his wife aarrived in london. >> this is bbc news headlines were youngest son of kim jong-il has been named successor. western intelligence sources say they have uncovered a plot to attack in three countries. >> iceland's prime minister has been called to a court to make him the first world leader to charge him in the global and the collapse of iceland's biggest banks in 2008 >> the financial crisis that
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brought icelanders is to the streets is now threatening to bring the prime minister to prison >> it went from a power house to a state of economic poverty. this is leading to the collapse of the iceland's banking sector. and he could face twos -- years in prison >> what happened as a result of the former prime minister has not been indicted and has to answer in at criminal court. i am of the opinion. the discussion has no place before a criminal court. >> in a closed parliamentary
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vote, 30 voted against. they escaped prosecution. [foreign language speaking] >> but, of course i'm shocked by parliament's decision. that doesn't change the fact i'm going to have to defend myself in court >> he will face a hearing before a special chamber. it's the first time it's used since it was created. they are hoping none of others will follow suit >> other news, the internet blogger spent more than 19years
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in prison. this was the longest sentence handed to a blogger in iran. local reports have been accused of spying for israel. about a hundred thousand people have marched in pakistan. euro scientist was sentenced last week to 86 year in prison. she was the latest in the series of protests. jimmy carter is spending the night in history after developing a stomach upset on the flight to the city for a book signing tour. hospital administrators said mr. carter was well and the overnight stay was a precaution.
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>> the ship has been escorted to the port. >> the latest ship to try to break israel's blockade. carrying aide and school texts. what's unusual though. is that the activists on board are jewish. they include an israeli father who's daughter was killed. still feels the blockade is inhumane. >> i think the people are victims like i am a victim. everyone is a victim. and we must stop once and for all this endless cycle of victim hood and the only way to do it is to talk. >> when the protesters left
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cyprus. they said they want not resist. >> a very different scene from back in may when they killed activist on a floatila. israel's restrictions were imposed to stop ammunitions from being brought into the country. food and some consumer goods allowed. it's difficult for palestinians to get permission to leave gaza. as they docked into the port. they said they will allow its aid to be transported. unless the restrictions are
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lifted. it's the last ship to try to stop blockade. >> initial reports have more than a hundred people were buried when a hill side collapsed on the city of santa maria. the bbc's correspondent says information is only slowly emerges. >> the president and the governor of the state have said that rescue teams have been able to reach the area after ten hours of the slide. the initial assessment. may be the estimates that were done today. up to 500 people could be killed was a bit too excessive and may be, it's a lower number of victims in the area. it's been a day full of uncertainty because the day has
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been uncertain. they only will managed to do so by foot and the first initial assessments are confusing. i spoke to a local and he believes that over 200 houses have been buried from the hill that collapsed on the town >> in mexico city. there may be were trapped as they were changing buses on a blocked mountain road. across the country, at least 74 people have died in weeks of heavy rain >> elsewhere, in columbia. three people were killed at a bull fighting event. the 20 year old man was killed in the ring. the other two fatalities were
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announced by hospital officials. >> for years patients suffering from angina have been treated by stints. they are placed permanently, now a new biodegradable stint is being produced. it releases chemicals of the artery narrowing. >> this tiny stint or tube scaffold is made not from metal. but cornstarch. and a bus driver from lester is having one inserted in a clogged artery. the procedure itself is routine. guided by x-rays, doctors insert a catheter into the heart. about 85 heart patients have permanent metal stints inserted.
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they are introduced on a wire and inflated with a balloon. this is made from a corn starch polymer. leaving the artery able to flex and move. this is now in place in the artery. in about a year, it will begin to dissolve, turning carbon dioxide and water as it's absorbed in the body >> just tell me, how are you feeling? >> i am feeling better now. >> an international trial of the biodegradable stint is under wait. it will take several years before the full results are known. the cardiologist is optimistic.
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>> the stint will dissolve when it's no longer needed. we are able to stint the patient. deliver the drug to stop the recurrence. after 2, 3 years. artery should be back to normal. it's very exciting. >> exciting too for the patient who until now, suffered severe angina. >> one place to another place. changing over. it used to hurt my in my heart when i walked fast. >> the future. he's going to do more exercise. >> the youngest son of the north korea leader, kim jong-il has been groomed to succeed his father. western intelligence sources say they uncovered a plot for
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attacks in western europe. this is bbc news. thanks for watching. >> hello and welcome. >> see the news unfold, get the top stories from around the globe and click to play video reports. go to to experience the in-depth, expert reporting of "bbc world news" online. >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. the john d. and catherine t. macarthur foundation. and union bank.
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